Model VMC1000B
Controller Fanuc
X/Y/Z Axis Travel 1000/610/650 mm
Table Size 1200x500 mm
Max.Load 600 kg
Spindle Speed 8000/10000 (opt) Rpm
Spindle Taper BT40/BT50 (opt)
X/Y/Z Rapid Feed 32/32/30 m/min
Auto Tool Change Arm 24 T
Tool Change Time 2.5 s
X/Y/Z Positioning Accuracy 0.016/0.012/0.012 mm
X/Y/Z Axis Repeatability 0.010/0.008/0.008 mm
General Power Capacity 25 kVa
Spindle Motor 11/15 kW
Floor Space 4400 x 2565
Machine Weight 7000 kg

Technical Specification

Specification Viva Turn T2C-500
Max. Swing Diameter 560 mm
Max. Cutting Length 500 mm
Max. Cutting Diamater 280 mm
Max. Swing Diameter Over Cross Carriage 360 mm
Spindle Nose A2-6
Spindle Hole Diameter 65 mm
Max. Bar Diameter 50 mm
Spindle Speed Range 30-4500 r/min
Main Power 11/15 kW
Chuck Diameter 8”
X/Z Axis Rapid Transverse 30/30 m/min
X/Z Axis Travel 200/560 mm
Max Load (Disc/Shaft) 200/500 Kg
Center Height 1050 mm
Packing dimensions (L x W x H) 2750 x 1860 x 1850 mm
Net Weight 4000 kg

Standard Accessories

  • Fanuc 0i-Mate
  • 8 position servo turret
  • 8” hollow chuck
  • Hydraulic tailstock
  • Chip conveyor
Model HTC3630 HTC3650
Max. Turning leght 300 mm 500 mm
Max. Swing diameter over bed ø550 mm ø550 mm
Max. Swing diameter over slide ø320 mm ø320 mm
Max. Cutting diameter over slide ø360 mm ø360 mm
Spindle nose A2-6 A2-6
Chuck diameter 8" 8"
Diameter of spindle bore ø65 mm ø65 mm
Spindle speed 50-4500 r/min 50/4500 r/min
Main motor power 15/11 kW 15/11 kW
X axis stroke 200 mm 200 mm
Z axis stroke 350 mm 550 mm
Tail stock stroke - 350mm
Size of tool shank 25x25 mm 25x25 mm
Rapid feed (X/Z axis) 30/30 m/min 30/30 m/min
Net weight 4000 kg 4300 kg
Machine dimensions (LxWxH) 2200x1890x1945 mm 2700x1890x1945 mm
Model CAK4065 CAK4085 CAK50135
Max. Turning leght 650 mm 850mm 1350 mm
Max. Swing diameter over bed ø400mm ø400 mm ø500 mm
Max. Swing diameter over slide ø200 mm ø200 mm ø300 mm
Max. Cutting diameter over slide ø400 mm ø400 mm ø500 mm
Spindle nose A16 A16 A28
Chuck diameter ø250 mm ø250 mm ø250 mm
Diameter of spindle bore ø53 mm ø53 mm ø70 mm
Spindle speed 100-2400 r/min 100-2400 r/min 15-2200 r/min
Main motor power 5.5 kW 5.5 kW 7.5 kW
Diameter of tailstock sleeve ø60 mm ø60 mm ø75 mm
Travel of tailstock sleeve 160 mm 160 mm 150 mm
Number of tools in turret 4 tool 4 tool 4 tool
Size of tool shank 20x20 mm 20x20 mm 25x25 mm
Rapid feed (X/Z axis) 6/12 m/min 6/12 m/min 6/12 m/min
Machining accuracy IT6-IT7 IT6-IT7 IT6-IT7
Net weight 1860 kg 1960 kg 3000 kg
Machine dimensions (LxWxH) 2350x1500x1580 2470x1500x1580 mm 3780x1700x1735mm